Friday, April 1, 2011

StarHorizonMedia ~ Founders Vision Statement !!

Alejandro Merle's Vision Summary.

Alejandro is one of 500,000 Space Camp Alumni, which helped fortify his perpetual drive to maintain a leading consultancy within several global steering committees. His global philosophy of event production has positively affected the quality of life of millions.

Alejandro has maintained a continuance of independent studies he feels is part of the distance education program he was first introduced to when he attended Drexel University. He was influenced to take on this trajectory since before his inclusion in the experimental & revolutionary educational system developed by Drexel University known as (E4) Enhanced Education Experience for Engineers, which now benefits more than 60 institutions world-wide.

Basic principles:
Engineering courses incorporating liberal arts, life sciences, political science and global public relations help students to be self motivated in the lab, urban & natural settings.

Today's engineers must be comfortable working with politicians, development teams, marketers, venture entrepreneurs & specialists of all kinds. The 2012 time line has forced engineers to work in environments which require global communication skills and a deeper understanding of the human intellect design process itself.

Enhancing Quality of Life, Here & Beyond!

StarHorizonMedia Takes U Places,
The network he started. Strives through innovated multi cultural & age appropriate group interrelations to foster a self motivating interest in high-end technology applications while improving the global eco-human condition on Planet Earth.

He has excelled as a pro-active point person for several collaborations involving International Event Teams. He has streamlined & created operational networks to handle communications and showcase artists, musicians & performers which use there talents to educate the public on ways to enhance Quality of Life.

He has promoted a number of conference to support market trends involving space technology enthusiasts and inspire activist leaders to fuse space age consciousness with environmental & humanitarian efforts.

When Web developing he focuses on Time Line consulting to maximize project  marketability for specific ideas to help guide politicians in achieving goals that affect local & international policies.

He has been at the for front of Global Electronic Synchronization since 1995 when he achieved a milestone integration of several scenes to merge them within a similar path. He is a specialist in this form of organic coordination and is looked to as a resource by various groups with similar efforts in finding common ground and mutual inter connectivity to enhance global purpose.

As a consultant he focuses on the proposal development stage of a project, with his extensive knowledge of the esoteric as well as broad knowledge of various different life styles and cultural connections he can help fine tune specific proposals that will astonish and sell a client on any project that he involves himself with.

Venue & Cultural Affairs.
Puerto Rico Convention Center
Alliance New Humanity, Senate of Puerto Rico
El Morro, National Park, Department of Interior
United Nations Plaza, San Francisco
San Juan, Puerto Rico, City Hall
Battery Park, New York City
San Francisco, City Hall
Manhattan, City Hall
Jersey, City Hall

Influential City Networks.

Philadelphia, New York City, Jersey City, Chicago, Orlando (Florida), San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles (California), Black Rock City (Nevada), Portland (Oregon)

Specialty Co ordinations.

CosmoPlex Network ~ Science of Spirituality ~ Skin Designs Expo ~ Vegetarian Festivals ~ Universal Martial Arts ~ El Yunque Rainforest ~ Astro-Permaculture ~ Project Management ~ Green Energy Technology ~ Corporate Re-purposing ~ Social Soft Mergers ~ Immersive Scenic Design ~ League of United Latin American Citizens ~ Space Development Co-ordinations.